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First Look: Late Model Body Templates at Eldora | Daily 6-10-2024

An Ohio speedweek barn burner, more Outlaw drivers using freebies, some rumblings about Dirt Cup at Skagit, plus more on the plan to straighten dirt late model bodies, including an officiating change. Let's go!

It's Monday, June 10th, I'm Justin Fiedler. This is DIRTRACKR Daily presented by Kubota Genuine Parts.

A bunch of racing to talk about from yesterday, and we'll start first with Ohio Sprint Speedweek at Waynesfield. I think the official margin of victory between Cale Thomas and Danny Dietrich was a single thousandth of a second. Thomas looked like he was going to run away with it over that last part of the race, but Dietrich closed late and nearly snagged the win right at the line. Thomas did say afterwards that he'd knocked the jacob's ladder out of it and was just trying to get to the finish. I think it's pretty safe to say that Thomas has been the top guy so far this season in Ohio, and having him racing hard for the win with maybe the top Central PA guy so far was fun to see. Win number four of the year for Thomas and a big bounceback from a tough speedweek opener at Attica. I haven't seen updated points, but I'm assuming Cap Henry still leads the way, with a win and a third so far. Waynesfield today and last night took a beating for the track surface, that started to take rubber pretty early on. Some have told me it was going that way in qualifying, with others saying heat races. Pretty dry though, dusty, and again not what anyone wants. I think the feature was pretty damn good though. I know the teams will be upset about chewed up tires, but really good racing out front with Thomas, Dietrich, and Henry. I think there is a lot of potential there with Waynesfield to be a really great little track, but some help does need to come in the form of track prep. I also don't agree with this idea that somehow people aren't allowed to criticize tracks for nights like that. As long as it's constructive, let it eat. Sharing an opinion about a track surface isn't going to an end a race track. Poor management ends race tracks. I do want to metnion as well, it has been good to see Thomas have success this season, he's got a great story, and has really turned into a solid driver. More to come from him this season for sure with Jay Kiser. Speedweek action shifts today to Wayne County for another $5000 to win show.

At Kokomo last night, Daison Pursley had the walk off, as he won the Indiana Midget Week finale and the weeklong title. Pursley was never off the podium, winning twice, having a second, and two thirds. He's also taken a solid lead in the season long championship, out front of Cannon McIntosh by 67 points. This could be a good sign for Pursley's season, especially with Logan Seavey having a few down finishes this past week. We won't see the midgets again for a month, with the next scheduled race set for July 9th at Red Dirt Raceway.

Racing continues at Kokomo tonight, with the XR Super Series coming in for $15,000 to win. I would definitely expect some of the teams that participated over the weekend at Eldora to have stuck around to race this one. Dirt on Dirt says Hudson O'Neal, Mike Marlar, Ricky Thornton Jr., Bobby Pierce, Devin Moran, Brandon Sheppard, Jason Feger, and a bunch more are expected. O'Neal is the defending event winner, and Marlar leads the championship with just one race complete.

We'll move on to some more racing here in a minute, but I did want to double back to some late model rules stuff from this past weekend at Eldora. I mentioned on yesterday's show that the late model nose pieces were under scrutiny at the Dream, and bodies continue to be a point of emphasis for the late model series rules makers. We talked back at the beginning of the season about Devin Moran's car making waves during speedweeks, with it's twisted and skewed shape. And then in April I clued you guys in on a developing plan to try and reign things in, with officials with the World of Outlaws developing a template system to try and bring things in line. The complex system of welded together bars first appeared during the MLRA weekend at Lucas Oil Speedway back in the spring, and was used during the Outlaw weekend at Talladega. I didn't have a photo I could share, and instead gave you bad photoshop job. But now I've got an actual photo of the setup being used at Eldora thanks to my guy Paul Arch. You can see the template system here on Austin Kirkpatrick's car, its the red bars here across the nose. You can see a bunch of crew guys gathered around scoping everything out, and to the very left I believe is Kelley Carlton, who does officiating for the Flo series. I don't know where we are in the process of full implementation of this system, but clearly it's progressing and more information is being gathered. As a side note here, I do want to point out a tech official change and one related to this process. On the Outlaw side, Kenny Kenneda had been heavily involved in this template system, but I'm told he's no longer working with the World of Outlaws under series director Steve Francis. Supposedly he parted recently, and instead of being at Eldora, was a spectator at I-70 this weekend with High Limit in town. World Racing Group does currently have a job posting as well for a series tech official for the late model side. I had wondered if his departure would affect this process, but clearly not. I do think the bodies and aero stuff will continue to be a topic that's bubbling under the surface for the rest of the season. Which I'm sure will draw the ire of some, and delight yet others.

In Sunday late model action, Gregg Satterlee made a late move around Tyler Emory to win the Appalachian Mountain Speedweek show at Hagerstown. Through three races, Satterlee leads the standings on the strength of two wins and fourth. The late model speedweek is off today, with racing starting back up again on Tuesday at Path Valley.

A couple of other notes about some sprint car shows. Scotty Thiel the Sunday IRA winner at Angell Park. He's closed to within eight points of championship leader Jake Blackhurst with six races complete. Bill Rose was in attendance yesterday, finishing sixth after starting third. I don't believe there has been any change to his World of Outlaws full timer status, but instead this was likely him just using a freebie. Remember Outlaw teams can use up to four before they cannot participate in the larger bonus program. Rose didn't use a single freebie last season, and for a team that's up against it regularly with the Outlaws, it makes a lot of sense for him to use them in situations like this.

Another Outlaw driver using a freebie on Sunday was Landon Crawley. He was at Huset's yesterday, likely doing some prep work for the upcoming Highbank Nationals. He ended up 17th after starting 10th. He's now used two freebies, with the other happening at the High Limit show at Riverside. Other drivers taking advantage of a chance to get some Huset's laps in included Jacob Allen and Kyle Reinhardt in the Indy Race Parts 71. The Outlaws are at Knoxville this coming weekend before that big $250,000 to win show at Huset's. This will be a weekend to watch for, in terms of entries, because Dirt Cup at Skagit happens the same time as Huset's. I've heard rumblings there may be a High Limit team or two that could go to Skagit instead of racing at Huset's. High Limit goes tomorrow at Eagle, and then they don't race again until June 26th at Lake Ozark. I think most of the High Limit teams will do Knoxville and Huset's with the Outlaws, but keep an eye on that Skagit deal. Austin McCarl was the Sunday winner at Huset's. Hat tip as well to Zach Patterson, who you can normally find doing tires for David Gravel's Big Game Motorsports team on the road with the Outlaws. On a Sunday near the shop, Patterson jumped in a 305 sprint car and won the feature at Huset's yesterday with Gravel and crew chief Cody Jacobs also hanging out.

Alright, that's it for the daily today. I've been getting crappy comments lately when I mention subscribing to the show, and checking out merch. So I'm not going to do either today. Instead, I'll just say thanks for hanging out.

Hope you guys have a great Monday out there, we'll see you back here tomorrow!